CIS 205 Internet Development

Web Development and Design with XHTML 4E

Final Project


The purpose of this project is to utilize all of the web development skills developed in CIS 205 to create a web site. This web site can be coded using any of the tools we have worked with this semester (NotePad++, Kompozer, etc.) The site should demonstrate your understanding and usage of the web elements and techniques we have studied.


The content, design, format and development guidelines will be taken from one of the textbook Web Site Case Studies that we did not do in class... you choose! Select one of the following:


For your chosen Case Study review all of the following information and combine into a single design for a final web site:

The materials included with your textbook include the necessary graphics and samples for the Case Study sites. You will probably have more than one version of some of the items and will have to select the most appropriate.You do NOT have to complete ALL of the chapter exercises for your Web Site Case Study! (Because each chapter focused on a specific topic, some of the exercises "undid" or "re-did" previous steps, that is NOT our goal)


Projects grades will be based on the following:

Design Documentation (see chapter 2, 5 & 10)

Comments and code formatting

Use of CSS for text formatting

Use of CSS for positioning

Proper use of a table

Working form (connected to our class script)

At least one multimedia element using <object> or <embed>

JavaScript for form validation (other JavaScript may be used as well)

Proof of validation for all pages (XHTML and CSS)

Overall design and execution

For grading:

Hard copy of all source code with Proof of validation

A word processed document with an overview of the site design and screen shots showing the working pages (dialog boxes, etc.) provide a description or narrative of what is being shown.

"Publish" the site to one of the lab computers on the due date

Updated: December 03, 2009