CIS 236 Interactive Web Programming

Chapter 13 Exercises


Coding Exercise(s)

Write or modify the code (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.) needed to complete the following exercises from the text.  Hand in a printout of the source code and a screen shot of the results for each.

Page 514: #13.3 - Add an eraser feature to the Fig 13.3 drawing program

Page 514: #13.4 - Add an "Erase ALL" button to the Fig 13.3 drawing program

EXTRA CREDIT: Add a "Color Picker" to the Fig 13.3 drawing program allowing the user to select which color to use when drawing. (This does NOT have to be graphic, radio buttons or a drop down list is OK)


These exercises are cumulative - rather than handing them in separately, when complete, hand in one version demonstrating all of the features.